Am 3/5/2013 15:44, schrieb Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason:
> Change the semantics of "git <alias> --help" to show the help for the
> command <alias> is aliased to, instead of just saying:
>     `git <alias>' is aliased to `<whatever>'
> E.g. if you have "checkout" aliased to "co" you won't get:
>     $ git co --help
>     `git co' is aliased to `checkout'
> But will instead get the manpage for git-checkout.
>       alias = alias_lookup(argv[0]);
>       if (alias && !is_git_command(argv[0])) {
> -             printf_ln(_("`git %s' is aliased to `%s'"), argv[0], alias);
> -             return 0;
> +             show_help_for = alias;
> +     } else {
> +             show_help_for = argv[0];
>       }

This needs a lot more scrutiny. The alias can be more than just a single
word, and it can even be a shell scriptlet, i.e., not a git command at all.

It may make sense to show the help of the aliased-to command if the alias
resolves to just a single word.

-- Hannes
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