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Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 9:35 PM
Dale Worley <> writes:

From: Junio C Hamano <>

I think this is to be expected for "git rebase", as it does not even
look at merges.  It is a way to find non-merge commits that haven't
been applied yet, and apply them to the upstream to create a new
linear history.

I disagree. "git rebase" is not characterized as ...

The intention has always been "I have these patches, some were
applied upstream already, now what do I have left?".

Given that many folk appear to trip up with their rebase mindset, does
this suggest that a few tweaks to the manual may be in order to stop
such misunderstandings?

   git-rebase - Forward-port local commits, not in upstream,
    to the updated upstream head

and to avoid "hidden" asides, add a few more paragraph breaks into the
description texts, and perhaps bring the "Note that any commits in HEAD
which introduce the same textual changes as a commit in HEAD..<upstream>
are omitted" sentence nearer the start.

That is, don't let folks get a too simplistic view of rebase, missing its
hidden powers.

You do realize that you are disagreeing with somebody who designed
the original "git rebase" (before the --preserve-merges was added),
do you?

However the broader userbase brings with it a better class of fool ;-)

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