On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 12:32 PM, Kevin Bracey <ke...@bracey.fi> wrote:
> +make_virtual_base() {
> +               # Copied from git-merge-one-file.sh.
> +               # This starts with $LOCAL, and uses git apply to
> +               # remove lines that are not in $REMOTE.
> +               cp -- "$LOCAL" "$BASE"
> +               sz0=`wc -c <"$BASE"`
> +               @@DIFF@@ -u -L"a/$BASE" -L"b/$BASE" "$BASE" "$REMOTE" | git 
> apply --no-add
> +               sz1=`wc -c <"$BASE"`
> +
> +               # If we do not have enough common material, it is not
> +               # worth trying two-file merge using common subsections.
> +               expr $sz0 \< $sz1 \* 2 >/dev/null || : >"$BASE"
> +}

This seems to be indented deeper then the other functions
(or gmail is whitespace damaging my view).
Please use one hard tab to indent here.

We prefer $(command) instead of `command`.
These should be adjusted.

Also, the "@@DIFF@@" string may not work here.
This is a template string that is replaced by the Makefile.

I don't think the tools in the mergetools/ directory go through
cmd_munge_script so this is not going to work as-is.

Can the same thing be accomplished using "git diff --no-index"
so that we do not need a dependency on an external "diff" command here?

I am not a regular p4merge user myself so I'll defer to others
on the cc: list for their thoughts.  It does seem like a good idea, though.
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