Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> You could make it "1234<AB|5=AX><C|=C><DE|6=YE>789", and that is
> technically correct (what there were in the shared original for the
> conflicted part is 5 and then 6), but the representation pretends
> that it knows more than there actually is information, which may be
> somewhat misleading.  All these three are equally plausible split of
> the original "56":
>       1234<AB|=AX><C|=C><DE|56=YE>789
>       1234<AB|5=AX><C|=C><DE|6=YE>789
>       1234<AB|56=AX><C|=C><DE|=YE>789
> and picking one over others would be a mere heuristic.  All three
> are technically correct representations and it is just the matter of
> which one is the easiest to understand.  So, this is the kind of
> "misleading but not incorrect".

I forgot to say that youu could even do something silly like:



> In all these cases, the middle part would look like this:
>       <<<<<<< ours
>       C
>       ||||||| base
>       =======
>       C
>       >>>>>>> theirs
> in order to honor the explicit "I want to view all three versions to
> examine the situation" aka "--conflict=diff3" option.  We cannot
> reduce it to just "C".  That will make it "not just misleading but
> is actively wrong".

I also forgot to say that the issue is the same to reduce




which is unconditionally correct and then for all x reduce <x|=x> to
x, yielding


which your zealous-diff3 would do.  So squashing that <C|=C> in the
middle would be consistent if you take the zealous-diff3 route.

But again, that is discarding the information of the original, which
the user explicitly asked from "diff3 -m", i.e. show all three to
examine the situation. If the user wants to operate _without_ the
original, the user would have asked for "RCS merge" style output, so
I am still not sure if that is a sensible mode of operation for diff3
to begin with.

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