Eric Chamberland <> writes:

> 1) git tag --delete-tags-to-danglings-and-unnamed-banches
> This would be able to remove all tags that refers to commits which are
> on branches that are no more referenced by any branch name.  This is
> happening when you tag something, then "git rebase".  Your tag will
> still be there on the old-and-before-rebase branch and won't be
> "pruned" by any git command... (that I know of...)

Not interesting for at least two reasons.

Why are "tags" any special?  "git branch --delete-merged" may also
be of interest, and for that matter "git update-ref -d" to deal with
any ref in general would be equally valid if such an option were a
good idea.

What you want is a way to compute, given a set of tags (or refs in
general) and a set of branches (or another set of refs in general),
find the ones in the former that none of the latter can reach.  With
that, you can drive "git tag -d $(that way)".

In other words, the feature does not belong to "git tag" command.

> 2) git tag -d "TOKEN*"

Again, not interesting.  You already have:

    git for-each-ref --format='%(refname:short)' refs/tags/TOKEN\* |
    xargs -r git tag -d
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