A few suggestions on the release notes (you may safely ignore)

Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> In the next major release Git 2.0 (not *this* one), we will change the
> behavior of the "git push" command.

It's not entirely clear from the formatting whether this sentenece
introduces the whole "Backward compatibility notes" section or just the
paragraph above. I'd merge this paragraph with the one below

It may make sense to split "Backward compatibility notes" in two
sections "Backward compatibility notes (this release)" and "Backward
compatibility notes (future Git 2.0 release)".

> At Git 2.0 (not *this* one), we plan to change these commands without
> pathspec to operate on the entire tree.  Forming a habit to type "."
> when you mean to limit the command to the current working directory
> will protect you against the planned future change, and that is the
> whole point of the new message (there will be no configuration
> variable to squelch this warning---it goes against the "habit forming"
> objective).

I think it will make sense to have a way to shut down the warning
starting from Git 2.0 (people who upgrade and don't look back aren't
interested in warnings about compatibility with previous versions).

So I'd say just "there is no configuration" instead of "there will be no

Matthieu Moy
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