Am 08.03.2013 um 16:32 schrieb Andrew Wong <>:

> On 3/8/13, Max Horn <> wrote:
>> All in all, I suspect that Mac OS X and/or the filesystem (HFS+ with
>> journaling, not case sensitive (the default)) might be at fault. Still, this
>> is quite puzzling and annoying, and so I still wonder if anybody has any
>> insights on this.
> When "rebase" errors out at COMMIT A, try manually running "git apply"
> on the patch file (rebase-apply/patch) a couple times, and see if the
> error occurs randomly. You'd have to do a "reset --hard" to revert the
> changes done by "git apply" every time before you run it again. The
> error from "git apply" might shed more light on the issue.

I tried this a dozen times, but 'git apply' failed to fail even once. No 
surprise there, given that the patch that throws off rebase every time is clean 
and simple. I am flabbergasted :-(

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