Hi Harring,

I'm glad to see that there will be another locale for Git.
I reviewed three commit from you. There are some problems:

Because git has a strict and high standard for commit log, so

1. your commit log must have "Signed-off-by: " line(s).
    Commit using "commit -s", or using alias such as
    "git config --global alias.ci 'commit -s'" may help.
    Such line(s) are signatures of reviewers and contributors for
    your commit, and these line(s) are ordered by the time of

2. 50+72 rule.
    The first line of your commit should no longer than 50
    characters, and should not contain characters other than
    standard ascii characters. This is because when your
    commit save as patch file using git format-patch, first line
    of your commit will be used as filename, and as email

    Then a blank line to separate subject and other contents
     if there are any other descriptions for your commit.

    Other lines in your commit log messages should be
    wrapped at line 72 or less, and you can use unicode

3. Add "l10n:" prefix in subject of your commit log messages.
    You can find out how other l10n contributors writing
     there commit log message, using this command:

    git log -- po/

4. Squash trivial commits before send to upstream.
    If you find it is hard to write your commit log message,
    it may indicate that you have make too many trivial
    commits. In this case, you should squash your commit
    before send them to upstream using "git rebase -i
    --autosquash" command.

    Tips: trivial commit (for backup or fixup previous commit)
            may commit using "--fixup" or "--squash" option, such as:

                git commit --fixup HEAD

            and these commits will be squash automatically when:

                git rebase -i --autosquash

There is a script in po-helper branch, and I use it to check
commits from other l10n contributors, and it may also help
for you:


This discussion may also help:


2013/3/10 Harring Figueiredo <harri...@gmail.com>:
> Hello Jiang,
> Please pull the changes from https://github.com/harringf/git-po.git  to
> initialize the pt_BR translation.
> Thank you,
> Harring Figueiredo

Jiang Xin
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