A selection of updates to git-subtree were offered to the list in May of 
last year ($gmane/196667) by Herman van Rink.

At the time the commits were available as either a single commit or a 
large collection of commits and merges to the git-subtree prior to it's
inclusion in contrib/subtree.

The following patches take a selection of these commits and rebase them 
against the tip of master.

The git-subtree tests work (make test), but they don't cover any of
the new commands added nor the use of the .gittrees file for storing
the subtree metadata.

If I could ask the original contributors to add their Signed-off-by, I
would appreciate it.

However I don't have current email addresses for four of them: Peter 
Jaros, Michael Hart, Paul Cartwright and James Roper. If anyone has 
current email address for any of these, please either forward the 
relevant patch(es) to them or let me know so I can do so.

Herman van Rink (8):
  contrib/subtree: Add prune command to OPTS_SPEC
  contrib/subtree: Remove trailing slash from prefix parameter
  contrib/subtree: Teach from-submodule to add new subtree to .gittrees
  contrib/subtree: Document pull-all and push-all
  contrib/subtree: Document from-submodule and prune commands
  contrib/subtree: Add missing commands to SYNOPSIS
  contrib/subtree: Document list command
  contrib/subtree: Convert spaces to tabs and remove some trailing

James Roper (1):
  contrib/subtree: Teach push to use --force option

Matt Hoffman (6):
  contrib/subtree: Teach add to store repository & branch in .gittrees
  contrib/subtree: Rename commands push_all/pull_all to
  contrib/subtree: Teach push and pull to use .gittrees if needed
  contrib/subtree: Replace invisible carriage return with a visible \r
  contrib/subtree: Add command diff
  contrib/subtree: Add command list

Michael Hart (1):
  contrib/subtree: Teach push to abort if split fails

Nate Jones (1):
  contrib/subtree: Add command prune

Paul Campbell (2):
  contrib/subtree: Parameters repository/branch for push/pull are
  contrib/subtree: Fix order of case switches so default case is last

Paul Cartwright (1):
  contrib/subtree: Fix typo (s/incldued/included/)

Peter Jaros (1):
  contrib/subtree: Add command from-submodule

bibendi (2):
  contrib/subtree: Teach push and pull to use .gittrees for defaults
  contrib/subtree: Add commands pull_all and push_all

 contrib/subtree/git-subtree.sh  | 203 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
 contrib/subtree/git-subtree.txt |  46 +++++++--
 2 files changed, 222 insertions(+), 27 deletions(-)


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