Since the recent update to bash completion, I often get a segmentation
fault from ZSH. This is most likely a bug in ZSH, but it would be cool
to avoid triggering it from Git.

Steps to reproduce:

moy@anie:/tmp$$ git init zsh
Initialized empty Git repository in /tmp/zsh/.git/
moy@anie:/tmp$$ cd zsh/
moy@anie:/tmp/zsh$$ mkdir foo
moy@anie:/tmp/zsh$$ touch foo/bar.txt
moy@anie:/tmp/zsh$$ git mv foo/zsh: segmentation fault  zsh
moy@anie:~$ zsh --version
zsh 4.3.10 (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

(this is ZSH packaged with Debian stable)

Any ZSH guru to look into it?


Matthieu Moy
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