Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Kevin Bracey <> writes:
>> Two significant usability flaws here:
>>  - If using man, "man git" to side-step "git help" is obvious. But if
>>    trying to use help.format=web, how to get the root html page? My
>>    technique was "git help XXX" and click the "git(1) suite" link at the
>>    bottom. "git help git" is non-obvious and apparently undocumented
>>    (it's not mentioned by "git", "git help", or "git help help"...).
> Can't this be solved by adding something like
>   See 'git help git' for general help about Git.
> to the output of "git help"? I think the fact that "git help" provides a
> small amount of output (typically: fits on one screen) is a nice feature
> that avoids scaring people too early with the actual doc.

That sounds like a good direction to go in.
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