On 11/03/2013 21:58, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Kevin Bracey <ke...@bracey.fi> writes:

Re-ordered option list in command-line usage to match the manual page.
Also makes it less than 80-characters wide.
Thanks (s/Re-ordered/reorder/ and s/makes/make/, though).

Got it. But I'm going to reword it, to follow the history of the manual change.

Is git.c the only one whose "-h" output does not match the manual

Generally, "-h" just puts "<options>" in the synopsis, and then prints a line per option, so most commands don't really match the manual "show all options on one line" style anyway. git.c is atypical. (Something else to look at for the whole git help thing? Should "git -h" print a option list in that style?)

But, yes, I've found a few others that are show almost the same thing as the manual but with subtle pointless differences. "git remote", for example. That's a larger project, I feel; the 80-column thing is key here.

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