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>> Why not just force the head of the security tree to be v3.9-rc2?  Then
>> you don't end up creating a completely unnecessary merge commit, and
>> users who were at the previous head of the security tree will
>> experience a fast forward when they pull your new head.
> So I think that may *technically* be the right solution, but it's a
> rather annoying UI issue, partly because you can't just do it in a
> single operation (you can't do a pull of the tag to both fetch and
> fast-forward it), but partly because "git reset --hard" is also an
> operation that can lose history, so it's something that people should
> be nervous about, and shouldn't use as some kind of standard "let's
> just fast-forward to Linus' tree" thing.

In many cases, "git rebase x" does the exact same thing as
"git reset --hard x", with an added safeguard: if you forgot to upstream
something, it'll boil up on top of "x".



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