Phil Hord <> writes:

> git tag --force is used to replace an existing tag with
> a new reference.  Git helpfully tells the user the old
> ref when this happens.  But if the tag name is new and does
> not exist, git tells the user the old ref anyway (000000).
> Teach git to ignore --force if the tag is new.  Add a test
> for this and also to ensure --force can replace tags at all.
> Signed-off-by: Phil Hord <>
> ---

I think we would still want to allow the operation to go through,
even when the --force option is given, to create a new tag.  I agree
that the message should not say "Updated".  So teaching Git not to
issue the "Updated" message makes perfect sense.  It is somewhat
misleading to say we are teaching Git to ignore the option, though.

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