Just thinking out loud. If I'm not mistaken, a directory's mtime is
only changed when files are added are removed in that directory. And
that's all we care about in read_directory. So if we keep a secondary
index containing the list of all (tracked and untracked) .gitignore
files and all untracked files (regardless ignore status), we could
avoid reading a directory if:

 - all relevant .gitignore are unchanged
 - the directory's stat is unchanged

In that case we already have the list of untracked files. Exclude can
be run over to filter out ignored files. And because we know these are
not tracked, we do not need to call index_name_exists (not if
ignore_case == 0).

In the best case, nothing's added or removed, read_directory just
issues a bunch of lstat (like index refresh), filter out ignored files
and _not_ trigger (nor pay penalty for) lazy_init_name_hash. webkit
has 11k untracked files. I don't think we have problems storing that
list as we already have to chew 182k entries in index.

Did I make any mistakes above?
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