I have started branch from master
then on master were changes in whitespace (code formatting)
in branch on that lines changes were not.

Now when I try to merge branch to master I get lost changes at space on master
So I try to ignore space change

git merge -Xignore-space-change my_branch
 I have lost formatting in master.

I wanna to give priority to changes on branch master:
git merge -Xours my_branch

and now also no results: I get old space formatting which were on
branch master before starting my_branch

Please tell me, how can I fix that problem?
# git --version
git version

git diff master...new_function_find Domain.pm
index 7eb8191..5abba1c 100644
--- a/lib/FrontOffice/Controller/API/RegRu2/Domain.pm
+++ b/lib/FrontOffice/Controller/API/RegRu2/Domain.pm
@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ sub get_prices : Local {

-    my $show_renew_data  = $p->{show_renew_data}  || 0;
+    my $show_renew_data        = $p->{show_renew_data} || 0;
     my $show_update_data = $p->{show_update_data} || 0;
     my $lang             = $r->{lang};

as you see on branch master right formatting will be replaced by wrong
formatting on branch new_function_find

as I have said: doing #git merge -Xignore-space-change new_finction_find
no result :_-((

the wrong formatting on branch new_function_find are old formatting
that were in branch master, before branch new_function_find were started
no changes were made to that line on branch new_function_find

while on branch new_function_find all new changes from master
were merged as:
#git merge -s recursive -Xignore-space-change master

please help

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