On 03/16/13 09:14, Sebastian Schuberth wrote:
On 15.03.2013 21:11, Joshua Jensen wrote:

Yes, you should grab the msysGit (the Git for Windows build
environment) [2], tweak it to include the new OpenSSH binary, ensure it
builds and works OK and then send a pull request (or post your patchset
to the msysgit mailing list [3].

Wow, we can do that now?

When I brought up the vastly improved performance from a newer SSH
executable, I was told the only way to get it in would be to build from
source [1].

"tweak it to include the new OpenSSH binary" is supposed to include the
step to adjust the release.sh script to grab the updated sources and
build the binary.

I attempted to do just this about a month ago though things really started to snowball. To get openssh to compile you need to update a bunch of other programs in the msys branch and I just lost interest in doing so. More info can be found in the msysgit issue "Upgrade SSH" [1].

However, another option is to take a look at the new mingwGitDevEnv
project [1], which relies on mingw-get to retrieve binary packages. I
hopefully find soon the time to include OpenSSH 6.1p1 incl. HPN-SSH
patches [2].

Any idea as to when this mingwGitDevEnv project will be mature enough to use as a replacement for msysgit? One of the reasons I gave up trying to tweak things to get openssh compiling was that this seemed like a much better idea. Though if it's fair off I might find time to give it another shot.

[1] https://github.com/sschuberth/mingwGitDevEnv
[2] https://github.com/sschuberth/mingwGitDevEnv/pull/5

If someone is keen to try and update openssh in msysgit I'd be willing to share my hacks from a month ago which could be used as a starting point. It was left nowhere near ready for a pull request, partially due to binary issues mentioned above, but at least it'll provide reasonable ideas to a few of the things that need to happen.

[1] https://github.com/msysgit/msysgit/issues/31

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