Jeff King <> writes:

> This series fixes the issue I mentioned recently with upload-pack, where
> we might feed unparsed objects to the revision parser. The bug is in
> 435c833 (the tip of the jk/peel-ref topic), which is in v1.8.1 and up.

Good to see follow-up from a responsible contributor ;-)

> ... (I had several bug reports
> within a few hours of deploying v1.8.1.5 on

Nice to have a pro at the widely used site ;-)  I often wish it had
a mechanism to deploy the tip of 'master' or 'maint', or even 'next'
for 0.2% of its users' repositories to give us an early feedback.

>   [3/3]: upload-pack: load non-tip "want" objects from disk
>     While investigating the bug, I found some weirdness around the
>     stateless-rpc check_non_tip code. As far as I can tell, that code
>     never actually gets triggered. It's not too surprising that we
>     wouldn't have noticed, because it is about falling back due to a
>     race condition. But please sanity check my explanation and patch.

Thanks. That fall-back is Shawn's doing and I suspect that nobody is
exercising the codepath (he isn't).
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