On 03/17/2013 03:57 AM, David Aguilar wrote:

> In some cases, the default branch background color (green) isn't
> an optimal choice, thus it can be difficult to read.

I'm just curious -- is it "difficult to read" because gitk does not specify a foreground color, thus causing it to pickup a system default (which can vary), or is it for a different reason?

If this is the reason then I wonder whether gitk should explicitly set a foreground color. Apologies if it already works that way -- I just wanted to better understand the motivation behind this patch.

Yes, having gitk to specify a foreground color instead would probably solve it too: i can remember the branch rectangles were a lot more readable in the past, but this could probably be due to me using a dark system theme at the time.

For example, in my case it would look a lot more readable if the text was "white on green" instead of "black on green", that could be even hardcoded as it was with the "green" color, but the reason behind the choice to let the user customize it is that i think it is better to honour the user system colors giving the means to adjust it to match his actual system configuration, rather than overriding it.

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