Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> writes:

> Signed-off-by: Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu>
> and ACK for the whole series, once Junio's points are addressed.
> Regarding Junio's readability suggestion: I agree that his versions are
> a bit more readable, albeit at the expense of having to evaluate a bit
> more logic for each reference rather than just once when the header line
> is handled.  So I don't have a preference either way.

The way the conditional is written, in the longer term we
will almost always compare "peeled == PEELED_FULLY", and otherwise
we will do the same !prefixcmp(refs/tags/), so I do not think there
is "more logic" that matters compared to the original.

Thanks, both; will replace what was queued with "SQUASH???".
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