Jeff King <> writes:

>   - blame-tree; re-rolled from my submission last year to build on top
>   - diff --max-depth; this is a requirement to do blame-tree efficiently

Both look mildly interesting, especially after the magic pathspec
settles the latter may be a good addition.

>   - share ref selection code between "git branch", "git tag", and "git
>     for-each-ref".


>    - receive.maxsize; index-pack will happily spool data to disk

Again nice.

>    - receive.advertisealternates; basically turn off ".have"
>      advertisement.

I think this is a sane thing to do, especially with some hints on
the most common reference tree everybody is expected to know about.

>     - receive.hiderefs; this is going to become redundant with Junio's
>       implementation


>     - an audit reflog; we keep a reflog for all refs at the root of the
>       repository. It differs from a regular reflog in that:
>         1. It never expires.
>         2. It is not part of reachability analysis.
>         3. It includes the refname for each entry, so you can see
>            deletions.


>     - ignore some fsck warnings under transfer.fsckobjects; some of them
>       are annoyingly common when people pull old history from an
>       existing project and try to push it back up.

Depending on the implementation, this may be very much valuable.
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