Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy  <> writes:

> This round fixes the design issue of read_and_strip_branch(), makes
> use of jc/reflog-reverse-walk and performs cheaper sha-1 check on
> detached commits.

I was running "git bisect start pu jch" (jch is a branch I do not
push out everywhere that is somewhere in the middle of
"master..pu"), and then after bisection finished, saw this:

    $ git branch --with 66887099e096f0258a5ef3b1e7458748597bdffe
    * (no branch, bisecting jch)

which is obviously bogus.  I only said "I know the tip of pu is bad
and the tip of jch is good".  If anything, I was bisecting the
breakage in 'pu', not in 'jch'.

I think the message should better say "before you started to bisect
you were on 'jch'" or something instead.
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