Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Please, read SubmittingPatches in the Documentation directory of Git's
> source tree. Your text above should be a commit message (hence, no
> hello), and should not be below the --- line.
> Also, read about signed-off-by in the same document.
> ...
> This copy/paste a piece of code that is already a few lines above. Is
> there any reason not to _move_ the assignment to FIRSTLINE after the "if
> test -x "$GIT_DIR"/hooks/applypatch-msg", to avoid duplicating?

More importantly, is this change even desirable?

The original motivation behind the "Applying:" message was to help
the user identify which one of the 100+ patches being fed to the
command, and it was not about showing what we ended up committing.
When you are running the command interactively, we do grab the
edited result since f23272f3fd84 (git-am -i: report rewritten title,
2007-12-04), but I tend to feel that the automated munging done by
applypatch-msg falls into a different category.
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