On 20.03.2013, at 19:56, Matthieu Moy wrote:

> stash objects are commits with 2 parents (ie. merge commits). One commit
> is the HEAD you stashed from, and the other is the saved state of the
> index.
> Use git show --first-parent --name-status, it should do what you expect

Thanks a lot for clarifying that. It is actually mentioned in git help stash, 
but I've missed this.
With "--first-parent" I get the expected result. Thanks for your help.

> I'm not sure from the doc what the semantics of --name-status is
> for merge commits, but it seems it shows only files modified in both
> parents.

I think I've found the reason of this behavior.
git help show mentiones that:
> It also presents the merge commit in a special
> format as produced by git diff-tree --cc.
And git help diff-tree says that --cc implies -c, while -c "lists only files 
which were modified from all parents".

-- Kirill.

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