Thomas Rast <> writes:

> I think it would actually be a somewhat interesting feature if it
> interacted with GIT_PS1_SHOW*.  If you use these settings (I personally
> use SHOWDIRTYSTATE but not SHOWUNTRACKEDFILES), the prompt hangs while
> __git_ps1 runs git-status.  It should be possible to run a git-status
> process in the background when entering a repository, and displaying
> some marker ('??' maybe) in the prompt instead of the dirty-state info
> until git-status has finished.

This is somewhat interesting.

Perhaps we can introduce a helper binary that does what __git_ps1()
does, with a --timeout=500ms option to say "I dunno (yet)", and keep
priming the well in the background when it takes more than the
specified amount of time?
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