On 21.03.13 14:00, Leo Koppelkamm wrote:
> Torsten Bögershausen added a patch for this a while ago.
> It seems it only works for files, not for folders with unicode in it.
> Eg. on ubuntu box:
> git init
> mkdir hä
> touch hä/file
> git add hä
> git commit 
> Later on Mac
> git clone ………
> git status
> # On branch master 
> # Untracked files: 
> # (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed) 
> # 
> # hä/
> Regards Leo
That is what I read from the commit message:

   When creating a new git repository with "git init" or "git clone",
    "core.precomposedunicode" will be set "false".
    The user needs to activate this feature manually.  She typically
    sets core.precomposedunicode to "true" on HFS and VFAT, or file
    systems mounted via SAMBA.

(Which is slighty wrong, because the name of the config variable
is core.precomposeunicode)

What does
git config core.precomposeunicode
say ?

You may consider to set it to set it to true globally,
git config --global core.precomposeunicode true,
and the next "git clone" will work as expected.

On the other hand,
could/should we consider to change the default to true in Git 2.0?



What does git config

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