On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 9:52 AM, Christoph Anton Mitterer
<cales...@scientia.net> wrote:
> Hi.
> Right now, when I use difftool --dir-diff, the temp dirs are creates as
> e.g.:
> /tmp/git-difftool.QqP8x/left
> /tmp/git-difftool.QqP8x/right
> Wouldn't it be nice, if instead of left/right... the specified commit
> name would be used?
> e.g.
> /tmp/git-difftool.QqP8x/r1.1.1
> /tmp/git-difftool.QqP8x/HEAD
> or
> /tmp/git-difftool.QqP8x/fd4e4005a4b7b3e638bc405be020b867f8881e72
> /tmp/git-difftool.QqP8x/ce0747b74fccd20707b6f495068503e69e5473df
> Cause then, one would see in the difftool which side is what, without
> the need to remember how git difftool was invoked.
> Of course one might probably need to escape the commit names if they
> contain stuff like "/" or "..", etc.

I can see that being pretty helpful.
If we do it we should go all the way.

What do you all think about something like the output of
"git describe --always" instead of the SHA-1?

BTW there are some patches in-flight around difftool so
you'll probably want to apply them first if you're going to
give it a try.  patches very much appreciated! ;-)
If no one beats me to it, I can give it a try after the weekend.
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