Sebastian Götte <> writes:

> On 03/26/2013 02:46 AM, Junio C Hamano wrote:> Sebastian Götte 
> <> writes:
>>> Rebased it onto the current 'master'. The second patch fixes that the GPG
>>> status parser ignores the first line of GPG status output (that would be 
>>> caught
>>> by the new merge signature verification test case).
>> Thanks.
>> Does it still make sure that it won't be fooled by the expected
>> string appearing in the middle of a line, not at the beginning?
> I thought that would not be a problem until I noticed it checks for GOODSIG
> before it checks for BADSIG. Here is a fix.

What does the order of checking have to do with it?  I am confused...

I was more worried about a case where you may end up misinterpreting


as showing goodsig when the signer's name was set to "[GNUPG:]

The "\n" in the original was to make sure the expected message is at
the beginning of a line.

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