Jeff King <> writes:

> I timed this doing "git archive HEAD" on webkit.git before and after. It
> actually ended up not mattering much (I think because it is only the
> directories which are affected, not each individually path, so it's a
> much smaller number than you'd think). The best-of-five timing was
> slightly slower, but was within the noise.

Interesting.  Because "archive" has to incur a large I/O cost
anyway, I expected extra allocation for correctness for only the
directory paths would be dwarfed in the noise.

I actually care more about cases other than "archive", though.  Do
we even feed directory paths to the machinery?

> So I do still think it would make sense to go to a byte-limited version
> of fnmatch eventually, just for code cleanliness and predictability of
> performance, but this is really not a bad solution in the interim.

Yes, what we do with wildmatch is a separate issue for 'master' and
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