Yann Droneaud <ydrone...@opteya.com> writes:

> Tested against master, 7b592fadf1e23b10b913e0771b9f711770597266

Is this because I suggested you to clean things up while you were
touching in a vicinity of something that could use this clean-up?

If so, please first clean _that_ script in a patch, and then add the
change you wanted to do in another patch, as a single two-patch
series, without touching anything else that is not related to that
change.  The patch to t7600 is the one that needs to become two
patches, one to clean up and the other to add tests for --no-ff.

The rest, as a separate "only cleaning up, doing nothing else"
series, are fine as a follow-up, but please make sure that they do
not touch anything in-flight (one easy way to check is to see "git
diff --name-only maint pu -- t/").  I would prefer to see "clean-up
only" changes that introduce unnecessary conflicts with other real
features and fixes held off until the dust settles.

> Yann Droneaud (15):
>   t4018: remove test_config implementation
>   t7810: remove test_config implementation
>   t7811: remove test_config implementation

We already have equivalents of these in-flight.

>   t7600: use test_config to set/unset git config variables

Needs to be split into two.

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