On 03/27/2013 05:39 PM, Jim Kinsman wrote:
> git status takes 30 seconds on Windows 7. Here are some stats:
> git ls-files | wc -l
> 27330
> git ls-files -o | wc -l
> 4
> $ git diff --name-only | xargs du -chs
> 68K     update_import_contacts.php
> 68K     total
> What can I do??? This is so slow it is unbearable.
> By the way i've done git gc several times and nothing changed.

I'm guessing it's the disk that's so slow. I accidentally put a git
repo on a network-mounted drive once. With 20ms round-trip time to
the server, git operations took forever.

Could you try it on a disk you know is local? Preferrably a solid
state drive. If it's still slow there, we know for sure something's
broken inside git. If switching media causes git to become fast,
you'll know it's a hardware problem.

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