Charlie Smurthwaite <> writes:

> I am experiencing a segmentation fault in various versions of Git using
> different repositories.
> ...
> Test Command
> git merge-tree 26bb22a052fef9f74063afd4fc6fc11fe200b19f
> 8d6bdf012941d876b2279994e02f1bb0d5c26e7d
> d5ef97ac407d945f231cd7c8fb1cfe48b3a12083

Thanks for a report (and thanks to John and Thomas for finding the

Nobody I know uses merge-tree; the last real change we did was back
from July 2010, and the only reason I was looking at it recently was
because I was planning to write a new merge strategy using it.

Mind if I ask what you are using it for?
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