Jonathan Nieder-2 wrote
> Is the "[transfer] fsckObjects" configuration on the host executing the
> clone set to true?

I hadn't been setting it at all, and according to git-config(1) it defaults
to false, so the answer is no.  It looks like setting it might be a good

But I'm still somewhat confused about what is and is not checked under what
conditions.  Consider the three statements:

# 1
git clone --mirror myuser@myhost:my_repo

# 2
git clone --mirror --config transfer.fsckObjects=true myuser@myhost:my_repo

# 3
git clone --mirror myuser@myhost:my_repo && cd my_repo.git && git-fsck

Are 2 and 3 equivalent?  Or is there an increasing level of checking that
occurs from 1 to 2, and from 2 to 3?  My guess is the latter, but perhaps
this could be clearer in the man pages.

git-config(1) says that transfer.fsckObjects essentially (if fetch... and
receive... are not explicitly set) "git-fetch-pack will check all fetched
objects" and "git-receive-pack will check all received objects."  While
git-fsck(1) says "git-fsck tests SHA1 and general object sanity, and it does
full tracking of the resulting reachability and everything else."  The
latter sounds like a stronger statement to me.  But if that's true, perhaps
should the relevant section(s) of git-config(1) explicitly note that this is
not equivalent to a full git-fsck ?

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