Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:

>                        Even then, working with one worktree embedded
> inside another is something git never designed for: it explains why I
> have to literally fight with git when using submodules

Do you mean that you wish you could ignore subrepository boundaries
and use commands like

        git clone --recurse-submodules http://git.zx2c4.com/cgit
        cd cgit
        vi git/cache.h
        ... edit edit edit ...
        git add --recurse-submodules git/cache.h
        git commit --recurse-submodules
        git push --recurse-submodules

, possibly with configuration to allow the --recurse-submodules to be
implied, and have everything work out well?

I think something like that is a goal for submodules in the long term,
with a caveat that there are complications in that different projects
(the parent project and subproject) can have different contribution
guidelines, review and release schedules, and so on.

If submodules are not working for you today, you may find some of
Jens's submodule improvement patches interesting, or you may want to
look into alternatives that make different assumptions, such as
entirely independent repositories and tools like "mr" that iterate
over them.

Hope that helps,
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