On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 11:39:27AM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> So here is an attempt to fix the unintended regression, on top of
> 9db9eecfe5c2 (attr: avoid calling find_basename() twice per path,
> 2013-01-16).  It consists of four patches.

Here's my update to the series. I think this should fix all of the
issues. And it should be very easy to drop in Duy's nwildmatch later on;
it can just replace the fnmatch_icase_mem function added in patch 2

The main fix in this iteration is that match_pathname receives the same
treatment as match_basename, which is done in patches 3 and 4 (the
issues were subtly different enough that I didn't want to squash it all
together; plus, gotta keep that commit count up).

  [1/6]: attr.c::path_matches(): the basename is part of the pathname
  [2/6]: dir.c::match_basename(): pay attention to the length of string 
  [3/6]: dir.c::match_pathname(): adjust patternlen when shifting pattern
  [4/6]: dir.c::match_pathname(): pay attention to the length of string 
  [5/6]: attr.c::path_matches(): special case paths that end with a slash
  [6/6]: t: check that a pattern without trailing slash matches a directory


PS I followed your subject-naming convention since I was adding into
   your series, but it seems quite long to me. I would have just said:
   "match_basename: pay attention...".
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