Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy  <> writes:

> If a position in object hash table is taken, we currently check out
> the next one. This could potentially create long object chains. We
> could create linked lists instead and leave the next slot alone.

In the current code, not just the logic in lookup_object(), but the
logic to enforce load factor when create_object() decides to call
grow_object_hash() and object enumeration implemented by
get_max_object_index() and get_indexed_object() are closely tied to
the open addressing scheme.  If you want to switch to any other
method (e.g. separate chaining) these need to be updated quite a

I do not see get_max_object_index() and get_indexed_object() updated
at all.  Do fsck, index-pack, name-rev and upload-pack still work?

This particular implementation that uses a fake "union" is a bit
ugly, but in general, it may be worth rethinking the object hash
implementation.  I vaguely recall trying cuckoo in the vicinity of
this code.
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