> The text indeed has a room for improvement, but it probably makes
> sense to have an entry for `directory` here, as folks who are used
> to say "Folders" may not know what it is.
I assumed the number of such people so low that it's not worth
to keep this - to most people obvious - explanation.

> Which one of outdated, misleading or irrelevant category does this
> fall into?  It certainly is not outdated (diff --cc/-c is often a
> way to view evil merges), the text defines what an evil merge is
> precisely and I do not think it is misleading.  Is it irrelevant?
I considered it "irrelevant" because it tries to define 
"evil merge" which is - at least to my experience - not used
as some kind of well known notion. But I might of course be wrong.

> Even though I personally am slightly in favor of removal, I suspect
> that is primarily because I already know what Git tag is, and it is
> different from the type tag in the Lisp-speak.
I assumed the cardinality of the set of Lisp users is so small that
this addition will confuse more people than help somebody.

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