Johannes Sixt <> writes:

>> Does the three-way merge machinery replay recorded resolution for
>> such a binary file correctly (after your fix, that is)?
> Yes, it does. It recognizes the binary-ness and picks 'our' side. Only
> then comes rerere_mem_getline into play.

Surely getline() needs to be fixed not to loop forever regardless of
the binary-ness, but I was more worried about our additions of lines
that satisfy is_cmarker(), counting of them in the callchain from
handle_file() to handle_path() to decide if a path has already been
resolved by the user, and recording of an resolution based on the
return value of that callchain, all of which relies on the merged
contents being textual and marked with the conflict marker.

>>> diff --git a/rerere.c b/rerere.c
>>> index a6a5cd5..4d940cd 100644
>>> --- a/rerere.c
>>> +++ b/rerere.c
>>> @@ -284,8 +284,10 @@ static int rerere_mem_getline(struct strbuf *sb, 
>>> struct rerere_io *io_)
>>>     strbuf_release(sb);
>>>     if (!io->input.len)
>>>             return -1;
>>> -   ep = strchrnul(io->input.buf, '\n');
>>> -   if (*ep == '\n')
>>> +   ep = memchr(io->input.buf, '\n', io->input.len);
>>> +   if (!ep)
>>> +           ep = io->input.buf + io->input.len;
>>> +   else if (*ep == '\n')
>>>             ep++;
>>>     len = ep - io->input.buf;
>>>     strbuf_add(sb, io->input.buf, len);
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