Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Yes, and since then we gained --no-edit option and such, so "editor
> starts off" also needs to be rethought, no?  The original wording
> with "seeded" may have a better chance of survival, I suspect, but
> still needs some adjustment.

So here is my attempt.  We still need a sign-off from you even if we
decide to use this version.  Relative to your original patch:

 * Using "amend" to explain what "--amend" does felt a bit
   tautological; I moved the "replaces it" to the opening.

 * We do not necessarily launch the editor, and if you give the
   message in some other way we do not even reuse the original log

 * Mention --reset-author at the same time mentioning that by
   default the authorship is carried forward.

 * "The commit is prepared as usual" was meant to describe how the
   content to be recorded (i.e. the tree object contained in the
   resulting commit) is shaped, but I felt it a bit too unclear
   without saying either content or tree (it could be some other
   aspects of the commit like the log message and authorship, etc.)
   I tentatively replaced it with "The recorded tree is prepared",
   but there may be a better phrasing.

-- >8 --
From: Carlos Martín Nieto <c...@elego.de>

The explanation for 'git commit --amend' talks about preparing a tree
object, which shouldn't be how user-facing documentation talks about

Reword it to say it works as usual, but replaces the current commit.

 Documentation/git-commit.txt | 17 +++++++++--------
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Documentation/git-commit.txt b/Documentation/git-commit.txt
index 19cbb90..bc919ac 100644
--- a/Documentation/git-commit.txt
+++ b/Documentation/git-commit.txt
@@ -190,14 +190,15 @@ OPTIONS
        without changing its commit message.
-       Used to amend the tip of the current branch. Prepare the tree
-       object you would want to replace the latest commit as usual
-       (this includes the usual -i/-o and explicit paths), and the
-       commit log editor is seeded with the commit message from the
-       tip of the current branch. The commit you create replaces the
-       current tip -- if it was a merge, it will have the parents of
-       the current tip as parents -- so the current top commit is
-       discarded.
+       Create a new commit and replace the tip of the current
+       branch. The recorded tree is prepared as usual (including
+       the effect of the `-i` and `-o` options and explicit
+       pathspec), and the message from the original commit is used
+       as the starting point, instead of an empty message, when no
+       other message is specified from the command line via options
+       such as `-m`, `-F`, `-c`, etc.  The new commit has the same
+       parents and author as the current one (the `--reset-author`
+       option can countermand this).
 It is a rough equivalent for:

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