On Wed, Apr 03, 2013 at 07:05:33PM -0700, Han wrote:

> There appears to be another case string values need to be enclosed in
> quotes, which is a shell command where you want to preserve quote
> characters (not leading or trailing); a minimal example is
>   shortcut = !cd "" && pwd

Yes. You must escape any double-quotes that are not the beginning or
end of a quoted string.

>   shortcut = !"cd \"\" && pwd"

This is fine. Technically so is:

  shortcut = !cd \"\" && pwd

but I think it is more readable to put such shell snippets inside a
double-quoted string, to make it more clear what is going on.

Documentation patches welcome.

> The other bug I'm much more confused by. If you have an alias like
>   shortcut = !"echo -n lol; echo wut"
> it will, in fact, print
> -n lol
> wut
> which is, uh, not what bash prints. Is git special-casing echo?

No, git does not special-case echo. But it runs shell commands with
/bin/sh, which may or may not be bash on your system (and "-n" is not
necessarily portable to other POSIX shells).

If you really want to use bash, do:

  shortcut = "!bash -c 'echo -n lol; echo wut'"

or just use printf, which is a portable way to spell "echo -n".

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