Jed Brown <> writes:

> ...  I felt that it was wildly oversold and that putting it into
> git.git was premature.
> I tried gitifyhg later and it basically worked out of the box.  All
> known problems were marked by 'xfail' test cases.  At that time,
> remote-hg failed almost all the gitifyhg tests.  I contributed a few
> things to gitifyhg, including the notes support (essential when talking
> via email with other people using Mercurial).  Since then, the last
> major project I'm involved with has switched to Git so I rarely need
> gitifyhg or remote-hg any more.
> FWIW, I also thought Dusty's original announcement oversold gitifyhg, but
> it was closer to the truth and upon cloning the repo, it was more clear
> what didn't work.

So,... is there a concrete proposal for _me_ to act on?  Do you want
to see contrib/remtote-hg out of my tree, and have it compete with
the other one (which also shouldn't be in my tree) in the open?

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