Jeff King <> writes:

>> If you do this:
>>      rm -fr d e
>>         mkdir e
>>         >e/f
>>         ln -s e d
>>         git add d/f
>> we do complain that d/f is beyond a symlink (meaning that all you
>> can add is the symlink d that may happen to point at something).
> Right, but that is because you are adding a bogus entry to the index; we
> cannot have both 'd' as a symlink and 'd/f' as a path in our git tree.
> But in the removal case, the index manipulation is perfectly reasonable.

I think you misread me.  I am not adding 'd' as a symlink at all.
IIRC, ancient versions of Git got this case wrong and added d/f to
the index, which we later fixed.

I have been hinting that we should do the same safety not to touch
(even compare the contents of) e/f, because the only reason we even
look at it is because it appears beyond a symbolic link 'd'.
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