Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> Great.  Now, we just have to write refs/modules/<branch>/* at
> commit-time.

Actually, we have to update things in refs/modules/ everytime we
update things in refs/heads/.  In the case of a 'git branch -M' for
example, refs/heads/<oldname> is rewritten to refs/heads/<newname>:
similarly, refs/modules/<oldname>/ needs to be moved to

There is one special case worth mentioning.  Let's say I'm committing
changes to link objects to a detached HEAD, b8bb3f.  Then, I write
refs/modules/b8bb3f/ at commit-time.  A subsequent 'checkout -b' that
updates refs/heads/<newbranch> will just have to move
refs/modules/b8bb3f/ to refs/modules/<newbranch>/.

The caveat is that I might commit to the detached HEAD and leave it
hanging around until the next gc.  So, gc will need to remove
refs/modules/b8bb3f/ too, but that's not a pressing issue at the
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