Joachim Schmitz <> writes:

> Jed Brown wrote:
>> Really?  If there is no Hg Team, why bother with an Hg upstream?
> Huh? the counterpart of "every user" wpuld be "some users" and not "no user" 
> or "no HG team", isn't it? 

I'm not sure what you're getting at here, but the whole premise of a
two-way git-remote-X is that the users of git-remote-X have less
influence in the project than the users of X have in the project.
Usually this means that the project workflow is whatever the X users
find comfortable rather than whatever git-remote-X users prefer.

If you are the sole publisher to a remote repository, sending pull
requests to upstream, and if they are comfortable with pulling bookmarks
(much more likely if they use a pull-request model rather than a shared
repo), then force-pushing by default is more reasonable.  An imperfect
analogy is Git's push.default=simple, which is more friendly to
beginners and to those sharing a remote.
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