Jan Kara wrote:
>   Hum, I have somewhat hard time to understand what do you mean by
> 'magically optimized syscalls'. What should happen in VFS to speedup your
> load?

In retrospect, I think this is a terrible hack to begin with.  Tuning
the filesystem specifically for git repositories is inelegant on so
many levels, I can't recall why I ever thought it would be a good
idea.  Like all software, Git has scaling issues with ultra-large
repositories.  Too many stat() calls is just one of the problems:
there will be too many objects to do any operation at reasonable
speed, and the overall UX would just suck.  Instead of growing to a
huge monolithic beast that spawns off worker threads for everything
and ultimately dying off, I've decided that git should take a
different direction: it should work with well with many small
easily-composable repositories.  I've started work on this already,
and it looks very promising.

Let the filesystem people do what they do best: optimizing for all
applications uniformly.
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