Felipe Contreras wrote:
> Also, add a new option: 'auto', so if there's more than one patch, the
> cover letter is generated, otherwise it's not.

Awesome!  I wanted to fix this myself, but got sidetracked with the
whole submodules thing.

> +format.cover-letter::
> +       Allows to configure the --cover-letter option of format-patch by
> +       default. In addition, you can set it to 'auto' to automatically
> +       determine based on the number of patches (generate if there's more 
> than
> +       one).
> +

Perhaps you can clarify this: Controls whether to generate a
cover-letter when format-patch is invoked.  Can be true, false, or
auto.  "auto" generates a cover-letter only when generating more than
one patch.

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