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Campbell writes:

    As a business decision we have decided to pull in some "staff
    augmentation".  We don't want the remote developers to have direct
    access.  Our plan is to have some sort of external repo on which they
    can push things, and locally we can pull those changes to our
    "official" repo and check it as we go.  So far so good.

You might want to consider using something like gitolite where you can
have control over which branches users can write to.  Assuming you are
not trying to restrict some branches of some repos from the external
users, this would be a better solution than setting up another repo
with some kind of automatic mirroring scheme, though that of course
will also work.

    Our product has several logically separate projects, which right now
    we have in the one big mega repo (in CVS, and migrating per checkin to

Certainly I'd recommend using one repo per conceptual unit.  There are
several techniques to group repos together if you need to.

    Is there documentation I can refer to for this, or is there an obvious
    way to do these things?  Any help or pointers appreciated.

                                        -Seth Robertson
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