Thomas Ackermann <> writes:

> -[[def_dircache]]dircache::
> -     You are *waaaaay* behind. See <<def_index,index>>.
> -
> ...
> -[[def_ent]]ent::
> -     Favorite synonym to "<<def_tree-ish,tree-ish>>" by some total geeks. See
> - for an in-depth
> -     explanation. Avoid this term, not to confuse people.
> -
> ...
>  [[def_octopus]]octopus::
> -     To <<def_merge,merge>> more than two <<def_branch,branches>>. Also 
> denotes an
> -     intelligent predator.
> +     To <<def_merge,merge>> more than two <<def_branch,branches>>.

I agree that these are distracting and confusing than useful
historical references to our target audience.  People from an
earlier days of the project may miss the occasional entries with
these "fun" phrasing, but we are no longer the primary target of

Will queue unless others object.  Thanks.
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