John Keeping <> writes:

> Having re-read the manpage, I think you're right that we should just
> resolve the "both added identically" case cleanly, but I wonder whether
> some of the other cases should also be resolved cleanly.
> git-merge-tree(1) says:
>     the output from the command omits entries that match the <branch1>
>     tree.
> so you could argue that "added in branch1", "changed in branch1,
> unmodified in branch2" and "removed in branch1, unchanged in branch2"
> should also print no output.

Yes, that description explains what we wanted to achieve with
merge-tree that is still an unfinished experiment and fixing these
cases you identified above to match the stated goal is a good thing
to do.  I've been meaning to find enough time to do a new merge
strategy backend based on the logic of this program, and the few
patches I sent out on it recently were fallout from preparatory
steps for it.
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