At 20:06 -0400 07 Apr 2013, I wrote:
At 16:48 -0700 07 Apr 2013, Jonathan Nieder <> wrote:
Would it make sense for the message to say something like the

        fatal: alternate object store '/path/to/repo.git/objects' is not a 
local directory

That would also avoid lying to the user. But if combined with the second patch in this series it could cause confusion for a different reason. Once .git files are honored, the path reported there may have no relation to the path supplied by the user.

Thinking on this further, even without the companion patch there's another issue. The problem isn't just that /path/supplied/by/user/objects isn't a directory. It's that neither that nor /path/supplied/by/user/.git/objects is a directory. And in many cases it's the latter that the user would be expecting to have been used. Reporting on just the last name checked isn't really a good description of what's going on.
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